Export/Import Services

We are experienced and qualified in exporting vehicles to the USA, New Zealand and other locations.

Why Export a vehicle from Japan?

Japanese vehicles are well-known for their low-mileage, and fastidious maintenance schedules, both legally mandated, and personally-looked after, high-value vehicles.

Only six out of ten Japanese of driving age own a vehicle, compared to nine out of 10 in the US.
This is due to high costs of parking, inspection, and tax on engine displacement. Most primary vehicles are pragmatic, low-displacement kei-cars, or family-oriented minivans.

Because of this, depreciation reigns supreme, particularly on two-seater, large-displacement, and ”hobby” cars.

Since luxury- and weekend-cars are a rarity, and owned by the very wealthy, they are often upgraded on a very aggressive schedule, to maintain a high image of affluence. This results in ”weekend cars” trading at very low prices on the secondary market, even when they are hardly driven.

Luxury Brands such as Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Porsche and Audi often trade far below global market rates in Japan, especially as owners scramble to offload them to use their limited parking spaces and budget to acquire ever-newer vehicles.

Cars in the Tokyo area especially see very little road-time, as commuting is usually done by train, and errands done on foot within a few blocks.

While older classics have already been mostly exported, neo-classics still trade at a discount in Japan, while they still have hundreds of thousands of kilometers of life left in them.

What we can offer you

We can offer coordination, mid-term storage, local transport, service, and consultation of any import/export activities, all you need to do is ask.

Our bilingual and communicative staff can keep in touch with you daily on rates, sailing schedules, and procedures and documentation, facilitating 100% of the boots-on-the-ground logistics to ensure your car gets across the ocean to you. We can communicate by phone, email, facebook, whatsapp, LINE, or your preferred method in real-time, always providing transparency and support.

We can work with foreign-based customers, US Military stationed in Japan, or others to ensure your paperwork goes smoothly